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Check Out What's Coming in 2019

Check Out Our Upcoming Strains

Many of our 2018 selections became permanent additions to the OAF family. Terpene monsters like the Purps and BBC were extremely popular across the state and our Phylos Certified Banner cut tested at 33.8% THC (not a good strain to give your parents)

Check out what's coming in the early part of 2019

Super Lemon Haze

Blue City Diesel

Blackberry Fire (Carson picked this one so if it sucks it's on him)

Fruit Loops 

Rude Boi

Upcoming Crops

Our winter crops include runs of Ape Berry and Durban and Fruit Loops which should be available in early December.

Farm Updates

We're battening down the hatches for winter. We take two months off from flowering to make the magic happen with genetics and phenotyping. And maybe a little skiing. 

Featured Product

Check out our new pre-roll packs by Packaging Brothers - Each pack contains seven perfect half-gram joints. Give us two weeks lead time and we can roll any strain on our menu custom for you. All A-Buds, always our top test result. 

Our Farm

Greenhouse Indoor - Not Your Average Light-Dep

Until recently, top quality flower was only grown indoors due to the tight environmental controls needed to produce it. Our cutting edge closed-loop greenhouse system uses a combination of HVAC, CO2 production, humidity controls, trellising and light control to grow flower that is fully indoor quality while maintaining a fraction of the carbon footprint and cost. See for yourself! 

Sustainable, Organic Cultivation

We irrigate only with drinkable fresh water from our farm's artisnal spring and harness the power of the worlds largest grow light...the sun! Our organic cultivation methods rely on a combination of predator bugs and compost teas to create beautifully clean flower.

Family and Freinds

Every aspect of our operation is run, financed, and overseen by a close-nit group of Portland area friends and family. We run much of our own local distribution and typically offer same-day delivery to Portland area dispensary partners. 


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