About Our Farm

What's in a Name?

When we first found the property in 2016, one of our founders brought his two year old twins to pick apples in the farm's old orchard. It didn't take long before they started calling the place "Old Apple Farm" and it stuck! 

The Land

The farm itself has been in almost continuous operation for over 105 years, supporting everything from cattle and hay to a variety of small farm animals. We are now an OLCC licensed, tier II cannabis producer with greenhouse and outdoor grow programs. The farm's perfect soil and pristine spring water help us  produce premier cannabis products organically.  

Our Crew

We are an owner-run operation with  nearly 30 years combined cultivation experience in all mediums and climates. Each Old Apple Farm plant is meticulously fussed over daily by our owner growers. We are dedicated to passing our love for cannabis cultivation on to you, one bud at a time.