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You have an idea, we will help you make it a reality.

OAF Consulting provides planning, licensing, sourcing, construction, and cultivation training for our unique climate-controlled greenhouse cultivation system. Our greenhouses produce some of the best top-shelf flower in the state at a fraction of the cost of most other systems, allowing for business models that thrive in a wide range of market conditions.


Real experience on the front lines

As cannabis markets mature across the country, businesses that are lean, efficient, and run with precision are distancing themselves from the pack. In Oregon, we have the perhaps the most competitive legal cannabis production market in the world. In an environment where only one out of every three pounds of grown flower will ever see a shelf, we have thrived. We can show you how we've done it.  


What sets us apart

We personally design, manage and complete every aspect of our systems from gravel and grading to complex living soil construction and advanced phenotyping. Anyone can build a farm and grow cannabis. But building a system that can produce top shelf indoor flower at near outdoor prices is a different matter. Whether you're just beginning your business plan, are deciding on how to go about your next buildout, or are simpy looking for some input on your current greenhouse setup, give us a call. We're passionate about the business of cultivation. 

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