Our proprietary greenhouse system combines the best of indoor and outdoor growing, enabling us to grow high end indoor flower without the high carbon footprint that always comes with indoor production. Our facility uses less than 20% of the electricity per square foot than an average indoor grow. 


Our entire cultivation area is fitted with a rainwater capture system that adds more water back into our spring fed reservoirs than our irrigation takes out over the course of the year, making our net water usage less than zero! 


We use a full living soil system with biodynamic, semi-no till pots. There's no bottle feeding, no pesticides, no herbicides, just a happy, natural environment. Our facility has been KIND certified since 2018 and meets all the standards of USDA Organic certification. When we want to make pesto, we harvest basil from the same pots our pot grows in! When we want to go fishing, we reach down and grab some worms. This is how farming should be.